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Reply To: 2022-23 Draft budget 2

Bo Bunker

Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the tax increase not affecting 65 and older. I also understand needing to operate on a break even at worse budget which is why I brought up the need for both, a tax increase and rate increases across the board. I say that because I believe we should not have anything in this budget that is not an absolute expenditure. My list, line 5, where you say it is 1/2 or the bonus correct? This budget or last year’s payment? I recall budgeting in last year, one of my arguments for not raising taxes last year, was a bonus budgeted in for Troy coming in under budget. Are we budgeting in bonus payments for coming in under budget on this year or are we budgeting it in based on coming in under budget? Same thing with the police car. Do we have an officer for that car, or can we take it out of the budget until we hire the officer? Then Troy can come to council for approval. Also, is it really necessary? I know we have a shop that is performing services on these cars. My point being, don’t budget it in until the time comes to spend it. Trying my best to explain but it seems a bit like rambling. Let me know if I need to clarify. thanks