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Draft Budget for Alderman Bunker

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Forums Budget Draft Budget for Alderman Bunker

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      David Jennings


      Bo would like you to consider an alternate budget that does not increase taxes or fees. I have prepared a draft that differs from the Proposed Budget as follows:

      Changed tax rate to $0.745079 Final TNT No New Revenue Rate

      Reversed increases in Water, Sewer and Trash rates

      No raises for employees

      Removed new police vehicle

      Removed increase in Water/Sewer inventory supplies, from $36k to $6k

      Click here to view the draft: 2022-23_budget-draft_bunker _092022


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      Bo Bunker

      A few corrections on the items I had questions about.
      1. I did not wish to take out employees raises
      2. I questioned the Water/Sewer inventory supplies increases
      3. I questioned the increases in utilities revenue vs percent of increase

      You guys and gal have been over this countless times, as I have too, but you were there for the workshops and broke it all down together. I was not able to attend those workshops. I do not think it is fair for me to come in at the 11 o’clock hour and want to do this all again. So, I do not wish to present this proposal. Some thought it a good idea to present it but after really thinking it through I have decided not to go through with it. While I may not agree with what council come up with, I do respect council and the work council has put in. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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