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We love our pets! There are a few regulations that insure that our community enjoys your pet and protects both the pet and the residents. The ordinances about pets in Shoreacres are in Division 3 of the city code. Here are a few of the regulations:

Sec. 6-91. – Vaccination required for dogs, cats and ferrets.

No person shall own, keep, or harbor within the city any dog, cat, or ferret four months of age or older unless such animal has a current rabies vaccination, as determined by the T.D.H. The animal must be revaccinated before the expiration of the first and each subsequent current vaccination period.

(Ord. No. 96-07, § 2, 6-24-1996; Ord. No. 2003-28, § 2, 11-24-2003; Ord. No. 2015-181, 6-8-2015)

Sec. 6-92. – Registration of dogs and cats required.

(a) Registration required. No owner within the city limits shall have in his/her possession a dog or cat four months of age or older unless said dog or cat is currently registered with the city. No dog or cat shall be registered unless it has current vaccination. 

(b) Renewal. A registration shall be renewed no later than the date of expiration of the current vaccination period for which it was issued. 

(c) Vaccination required. A registration certificate and tag can be obtained with proof of vaccination at the Shoreacres City Hall. 

(d) Tags. Upon acceptance of the registration application and payment of the license fee, the regulatory authority shall issue a durable tag, stamped with an identifying number. The owner of such animal must attach the tag to a collar or harness and said collar or harness must be worn by the animal at all times. The tag or receipt for payment of said tag shall be presented to the regulatory authority upon demand. Failure to present the license tag or receipt shall constitute a violation of this chapter. 

(e) Fee. A fee of $4.00 shall be assessed for each registration tag issued. The regulatory authority shall maintain a record of the identifying numbers of all tags issued. If the tag has been lost, a duplicate can be obtained from city hall for a fee of $2.00. 

(f) Exemptions. The registration requirements of this section shall not apply to: (1) An animal under the age of four months of age. (2) Animals that are owned by or in custody of persons who are nonresidents of the city traveling through the city temporarily or sojourning therein for a period not to exceed 30 days. (3) Dogs or cats brought into the city exclusively for the purpose of entering them in any dog or cat show or exhibition.

(Ord. No. 96-07, § 3, 6-24-1996; Ord. No. 2003-28, § 3, 11-24-2003; Ord. No. 2015-181, 6-8-2015)

Sec. 6-93. – Collar and tag required.

(a) The owner of every dog, cat or ferret shall see that the dog, cat or ferret wears at all times a collar or harness to which the registration tag will be attached.

(b) If the registration tag is lost or destroyed, the owner shall apply in writing or in person at city hall for a replacement tag by presentation of proof of current vaccination and/or presentation of certificate of registration that is to be replaced accompanied by a fee of $2.00.

(Ord. No. 96-07, § 4, 6-24-1996; Ord. No. 2015-181, 6-8-2015)

Sec. 6-94. – Number of dogs, cats, and birds limited.

(a) Dogs and cats. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, harbor, posses, maintain or allow to be kept, harbored, possessed or maintained more than four dogs or four cats or any combination of said animals with the total number not exceeding four over four months old, upon or within any premises owned, occupied or under control of any person within the city except where specifically exempt in this chapter.

(b) Birds. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, harbor, possess, maintain or allow to be kept, harbored, possessed or maintained more than 12 domestic or pet birds, over the age of three months, including, but not limited to, parakeets, finches, racing pigeons, parrots, canaries, and doves, upon or within any premises owned, occupied or under control of any person within the city except where specifically exempt in this chapter.

(c) Exemptions. The provisions of this section limiting the number of animals shall not apply to the following:

(1) Kennels.

(2) Animal shelters.

(3) Circuses.

(Ord. No. 96-07, § 6, 6-24-1996; Ord. No. 2003-28, § 4, 11-24-2003; Ord. No. 2015-181, 6-8-2015)

Sec. 6-95. – Defecation by dogs or cats.

It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by a dog or cat being handled by that person on property, public or private, other than the premises of the owner or handler of such dog or cat. This section shall not, however, apply to handicapped persons using guide dogs or to peace officers while using animals in the discharge of law enforcement activities.

(Ord. No. 96-07, § 13, 6-24-1996; Ord. No. 2003-28, § 12, 11-24-2003)

Registered Pet List
Tag NumberAddressPet NameCat/DogBreedPhoneTag Expires
5271108 N Country ClubDakotaDogMix281.470.67707.20.2021
6003304 E Country ClubGirlDogLab5/8/17
601214 MeadowlawnRockyDogHound281.224.614210/19/17
6023309 WestviewRosieDogBoxer Mix832.754.30261/12/19
6033309 WestviewRoscoeDogBorder Collie Mix832.754.30262/23/18
6043309 WestviewBeansDogChihuahua Mix832.754.30261.28.2020
6053532 SunriseZipDogCattle Dog, Austr.832.766.61267.28.2018
6063532 SunriseSandyDogDachshund832.766.61267.28.2018
607227 SeagroveShelbyDogCatahoula281.630.45821.21.2021
6083311 WestviewRonDogMix713.303.28572.27.2021
6093311 WestviewLuuDogMix713.303.28572.27.2021
6103422 Bayou ForestKendalDogMix832.641.518411.5.2019
6113422 Bayou ForestDixonDogMix832.641.51871.12.2019
6123422 Bayou ForestRileyDogMix832.641.518710.27.2018
613417 ShadylawnBudDogMix281.842.134812.09.2018
614518 SeagroveDecoDogMix512.677.29703.05.2019
615518 SeagroveMontyDogCorgi512.677.29703.05.2019
616122 MeadowlawnBenjiDogMix281.450.88078.25.2019
6173415 E BayouBrowningDogVizsla830.279.553507.21.2020
6183415 E BayouBerettaDogVizsla830.279.553507.21.2020
6203309 WestviewDaisyDogLab832.754.30229.10.2021
623227 SeagroveTinkerbelleDogMixed281.630.45823.27.2021
625227 SeagroveNoahDogMix281.630.45827.08.2022
6271102 W ForestCantonDogChiihuahua832.407.09803.30.2021
6281102 W ForestSadieDogMin Pin832.407.09803.23.2022
6293537 Bayou ForestMaxieCat713.805.15019.05.2021
630511 FairfieldAxleDogBoxer979.587.69425.10.2020
6313516 Bayou ForestTinkDogYorkie816.377.727512.23.2020
6323516 Bayou ForestLoganDogTerrier816.377.727511.22.2021
6333327 WestviewMunchkinDogChihuahua832.244.31489.30.2020
6343327 WestviewBrutusDogMixed832.244.31482.16.2021
635202 FairfieldCayceDogMixed281.470.15722.26.2021
636809 S Country ClubJackieDogLhasa Apso832.766.91793.04.2023
637809 S Country ClubSophieDogLhasa Apso832.766.91793.04.2023
6383317 E Bayou DrLoganDogYorkie281.610.06312.21.2022
639614 OakdaleGallagherDogChinese Crested Hairless281.910.39803.02.2023
640614 OakdaleFinneganDogChinese Crested Hairless281.910.398010.14.2021
641614 OakdaleHenryDogRottweiler281.910.39807.09.2021
6421017 W ForestMaxDogPatter Dale Terrier281.685.13845.12.2021
643629 SeagroveXenaDogDoberman832.514.17186.22.2021
644122 MeadowlawnBenjiDogPoodle Mix281.514.17185.24.2022
645511 BaywoodChewyDogTerrier Mix713.504.85447.8.2023
646901 S Country ClubPaulDogGerman Shepherd281.941.40488.03.2021
647318 Shore AcresSlinkyCatDomestic Shorthair713.417.51326.08.2021
648202 FairfieldMitziDogHuskey Mix281.470.15724.07.2021
649202 FairfieldHarrisonCatAmerican Shorthair281.470.15725.08.2021
650202 FairfieldGraysonDogMixed281.470.15723.27.2021
650417 ShadylawnJack DogMixed281.842.134812.14.2022
651417 ShadylawnJackDogMixed281.842.134812.14.2022
6523315 WestviewMaximusDogBoxer281.660.62624.12.2022
6533315 WestviewJasmineDogBoxer281.660.62628.31.2023
6543315 WestviewLiliDogBoxer281.660.62628.31.2023
655519 FairfieldDutchessDogDachshund281.413.67257.23.2023
656519 FairfieldDutchessDogBulldog281.413.67253.05.2021
6573524 Bayou ForestNashDogn/a832.419.60822.01.2024
6581003 Shore AcresBrunoDogn/a832.414.677910.17.2021
659418 SeagroveJojoDogPit Bull/Lab409.513.59085.11.2021
6601017 W ForestMaxDogPatter Dale Terrier281.685.13845.09.2024
6611003 Shore AcresBrunoDogPit/Lab409.513.59085.11.22
6621113 S Country ClubMaggieDogUnknown713.628.98375.15.24
6631113 S Country ClubRockyDogBlue Healer713.628.98373.10.22
6641113 S Country ClubRoxyDogMix713.628.98372.19.24
6651113 S Country ClubAnnabelleDogMix713.628.98372.23.23
6703511 Bayou BenjiDogChihuahua713.253.82296.23.24
6673511 BayouMissyDog Chihuahua 713.253.8229 6.23.24
668 3511 Bayou BuddyDogBoston Terrier 713.253.8229 6.23.24
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