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Fourth Draft Budget FY 2021/2022

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Forums Budget Fourth Draft Budget FY 2021/2022

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      David Jennings

      Our fourth draft budget is positive by $1,386.74 at the No New Revenue rate (no tax increase). To achieve that, we:

      • Increased property tax collection rate by 1%.
      • Eliminated police vehicle.
      • Reduced Public Works outside services from $10,680/month to $9,000/month.
      • Added 3rd Clean Up/Green Up $12,000.

      We are taking a risk by increasing in the property tax collection rate but it is a calculated risk. Our current tax collector (GCISD services department) had streamlined their collection activities and is more aggressive than the old La Porte system. It is a small risk but I want council to be fully aware. If we miss on this it will not be substantial but will have to be accounted for next August/September.

      Eliminating the police vehicle causes some concern, perhaps council can find a way to add that back. Troy and I have tried everything that we can think of but have come up short.

      We think that we can reduce the Public Works outside services. The capital projects will wrap up in the new fiscal year and we shouldn’t need as much outside expertise.

      We think that the addition of the third heavy trash pickup is necessary due to the frequency of storm related damage.

      Click here to view the fourth draft of the proposed General Fund Budget for FY 2021/22.

      Click here to view the fourth draft of the proposed Utility Fund Budget for FY 2021/22.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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