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Budget for Hearing on 9-26-22

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Forums Budget Budget for Hearing on 9-26-22

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      David Jennings


      I have prepared a proposed budget to be used at the budget hearing on 9-26-22. This is based upon our workshops and recent changes to personnel and accounting. Here are the changes that I made to Draft 2:

      Changed tax rate to $0.826338 Final TNT Voter Approval Rate
      Collection rate is set at 97.5% per Tax Assessor Collector

      Changed 6369-10 expenditures from $63,181.98 to $8,000.38 (coding error)
      Changed 6369-10 proposed budget from $1,200 to $12,000 (typo)

      Changed 6369-50 expenditures from $0.00 to $55,5181.60 (coding error)

      Defunded part-time city secretary
      Funded Full Time City Secretary up to $28/hr for 10 months, 170 hours OT

      Changed 6375-30 proposed budget from $24,000 to $21,122.76 to match contract
      Changed 6392-30 Dispatch from $48,000 to $45,218.64

      Reduced estimated City Manager bonus from $20,333 to $8,000

      Click here to view the proposed budget: Proposed 2022-23 Budget

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