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Draft Budget 08-30-23 Comments

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      Paul Greeson

      Comments on draft budget 08-30-23
      1. Page numbers missing from budget.
      2. Item 6971-10 Record Retention, $1,320 spent to date $0 propose for 2024.
      3. Item 6240-30 Police Dept. supplies: Small equipment, proposed $30,000.00, Does this include the 2 Field ticket writers?
      4. Item 6215-40 Parks Dept. Main.Equipment $7,913.32 spent to date, proposed $1,200.00, What happened to the new slope mower? Is not maintaining the storm drainage part of our flood mitigation?
      5. Item 6281-50 and 6285-50 Public Works expenditures $0 spent to date $32,000.00 and $24,000.00 proposed, Item 6280-50 Road Repair /maint. $0 proposed in last years budget $0 proposed this year.
      6. Item 4910-2 Utility fund revenue Refuse collection $143,351.70 recd. to date proposed only 196,000.00, Why proposed lower than collection show? $20,478.81 month? Same with Sewer service sales Item 4810-2.
      7. Item 6225-10 Admin. Expenditures Other Main. $25,000.00 what is this?
      8. Item 6245-10 Admin. Expenditures General supplies $354.00 to date $0 proposed?
      9. Item 6971-10 Records Retention $1,320.00 spent to date $0 proposed?
      10. Item 6234-70 Water Exp. Supplies:billing $2,047.53 spent to date $12,000.00 proposed? est.$4,000.00
      11. Item 6369- Water Exp. Outside services $132,140 spent to date $60,000.00 proposed is this a one off expense?

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      David Jennings

      Thank you.

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      David Jennings

      1. Need to add.
      2. Added $2,649
      3. Yes
      4. Council majority wanted to end ditch mowing. Ditch maintenance is in a separate account.
      5. 6281-50 is an offset to Sales Tax collected. Council approved getting bids for resurfacing of Fairfield and Baywood. Since we have not executed a contract for that yet, no funds have been spent. We currently have $293k in that account for the road resurfacing and are seeking bids.

      6285-50 is for ditch maintenance. We increased that amount because we ended the ditch mowing.

      6. That is through 10 months. Fiscal year begins October 1st.
      7. 6225-10 is an account that should have been used for maintenance of city property not specifically tied to one of the departments. We are going to use that account properly this year. An example would be repair of the electronic sign at the entrance to the city.
      8. 6245-10 At this point we are trying to consolidate accounts. We may go back to using this one for miscellaneous spending but have not decided yet.
      9. 6971-10 Thank you, that was an oversight. This is warehouse storage. We need to determine the best way forward. For now, I have added $2,640 for next year.
      10. 6234-70 This is another example of consolidating and correcting coding of expenditures.
      11. 6369-70 The overbudget amount is the project that council approved for water line restoration that was no part of the bond money.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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