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Investigation of EMS Complaint from 2/23/21

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Forums City Services Investigation of EMS Complaint from 2/23/21

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      David Jennings

      Back in February, a resident complained on Facebook about a slow response to a 911 call. Although no complaint was ever filed with the city, City Manager Harrison initiated an investigation into the matter.

      The call had just about everything you can think of go wrong. The 911 call went to Webster instead of La Porte, Webster transferred it to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, they then called it in to Windsor, who dispatched a unit that was on I45 at Beltway 8. Shoreacres PD was never notified of the call nor dispatched to the scene.

      Mr. Harrison’s investigation is thorough and highlights some deficiencies that we need to correct. Mr. Harrison went further and documented Windsor’s performance since the beginning of 2020 in the report. He has met with Windsor to discuss improvements that need to be implemented.

      I wish that we never had a hiccup in the services we provide but I am satisfied that when we do have a hiccup, the city staff and our partners are pushing ahead with corrective actions that will improve our services.


      Click here to read the investigation report.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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