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Speed humps

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      David Jennings

      I’ve received many requests to put speed humps at various locations around the city. As those can be somewhat controversial, I thought that we would test some reflective road markers. They are low profile, relatively cheap, serve a dual purpose as reflectors, are easy to install, and should be non-controversial.

      Here is a link to what we ordered:

      I’m hoping that they arrive before our 1/10/22 council meeting. If so we will try to get them installed on Fairfield so that you will have an opportunity to evaluate them. I have placed an agenda item to discuss these.

      If the don’t work or if council chooses not to move forward with them, we can remove them. Of course you can still request regular speed humps be installed at a later meeting.

      To get an idea of how they work you can drive down N Shady Lane (across from San Jac) where La Porte has installed similar reflectors in three places.

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      Ron Hoskins

      Ok, I like this concept. I’ll go look before the meeting tomorrow!


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      David Jennings

      Unfortunately they didn’t come in yet. We’ll discuss them and then install them when they arrive. I’ll put it back on the next meeting’s agenda.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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